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Diesel oil: fuel that moves the country

On the roads, on the rails, in the countryside, in the industries… Diesel oil is everywhere. Discover more about one of the most used fuels in the world.
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Photo of two parallel highways with trucks, representing the use of Petrobras Diesel Oil.

North to South, East to West, the energy that moves and adds value

Diesel oils are the main sources of energy for machines and vehicles transporting passengers and cargo. Thus, we take our energy beyond the production processes to help move the country's economy.

Main applications of diesel oil

  • Vehicles for transporting passengers and light, heavy and extra-heavy cargo.
  • Machines and vehicles for agricultural use, use in mining and civil works.
  • Power generators and machines in industries and thermal plants for the integrated electrical system, in addition to auxiliary and emergency power generators for local use.
  • Railway locomotives.

Petrobras Diesel Oils

We develop diesel oils under quality standards that meets the strict requirements of the most modern technologies, from light vehicles to the most powerful stationary machines. This provides adequate performance for different types of engines, always considering the best cost-benefit ratio, the best energy efficiency and compliance with the atmospheric emission limits according to the current legislation.

Petrobras refineries produce diesel oils A (free of biodiesel). Distribution companies, in turn, carry out the addition of biodiesel to diesel oils A, according to the content in force in the legislation, which are now called diesel oils B. These products are then made available at fuel stations, fleet service stations and storage tanks of several industrial units of users.

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Petrobras S10 Diesel Oil

And the ULSD (ultra-low sulfur content) diesel oil, developed for light and heavy vehicles produced from 2012, aimed at serving the most modern technologies of combustion systems and processing of vehicle emissions (phases of the Program for Control of Air Pollution by Motor Vehicles - PROCONVE L7, P7 and P8), which provide greater energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Petrobras S10 Diesel is suited for use in vehicles with post-treatment technologies to reduce emissions, as well as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technologies, which provide a high reduction in emissions of particulate matter and nitrous oxides (NOX).

Main characteristics:

Sulfur content of 10 mg/kg or ppm, parts per million (maximum)
Cetane number 48 (minimum)
Specific mass from 815 to 850 kg/m³ @ 20°C (minimum)

The sulfur contents that differentiate Petrobras Diesel Oils guarantee the best cost-benefit ratio in compliance with environmental legislation and the proper functioning of the engine, according to the on-board technology. 

The cetane number is the characteristic that measures the quality of combustion. The use of diesel oil with recommended cetane number guarantees performance adequate to the projected power, contributing to the maintenance of engine performance.

The specific mass of Petrobras Diesel Oils has specific ranges that guarantee the designed power and the reduction of emissions and provide a better energy ratio.

Petrobras S500 Diesel Oil

The LSD (low sulfur content) diesel oil developed for light and heavy-duty vehicles produced before 2012, adapted to the technologies of the combustion systems and treatment of emissions onboard these vehicles, providing a better cost-benefit ratio (phases of the Program for Control of Air Pollution by Motor Vehicles – PROCONVE L6, P5 and earlier).

It also meets the requirements of the vast majority of machines for industrial use, in power generation, agricultural use and in locomotives, among others.

Main characteristics:

Sulfur content of 500 mg/kg or ppm, parts per million (maximum)
Cetane number 42 (minimum)
Specific mass from 815 to 865 kg/m³ @ 20°C

New Petrobras R Diesel Oil

Petrobras developed a new diesel oil with renewable content. The product is obtained by co-processing in hydrotreatment units (HDT) 10% of raw material of plant or animal origin, together with mineral diesel. The resulting product, R Diesel, has the same physicochemical characteristics as S10 diesel, not requiring any change in vehicles or storage structures.
The new R Diesel is the evolution of diesel for a power transition to more sustainable products.

Do you wish to be a customer of R Diesel from Petrobras?

The product is sold only to fuel distributors, which supply service stations throughout Brazil. In order to be a customer of R Diesel, please contact

Other Petrobras Diesel Oils

To learn which diesel oil is the right product for your use, always consult the vehicle manual or equipment manufacturer.

Check out how Petrobras can meet your company's needs

This product meets the specifications of the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP), suitable for the Brazilian market, with different equivalents for other countries.

In addition to Petrobras Diesel Oils, we develop and sell several other high-quality products to meet the demands of Brazilian society and industries. 

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