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Petrobras Team: we are united by the energy of sports

Our commitment is to make sports a tool for transforming Brazilian society.
Woman with arms crossed wearing a T-shirt with the words 'Petrobras Team' stamped on it.

Together, we make a great team

Imagem do Card
We know that great achievements don't come out of nowhere. It takes a lot of effort, resilience, grit, determination, and support. We are here to help transform athletes' dedication into achievements. We don't lack energy for that.
Man with arms at side, standing in a warrior pose. He's wearing a T-shirt that says Petrobras Team'

We turn willpower into reality

Sports are part of the lives of all Brazilians from an early age, but great achievements depend on opportunities. In addition to boosting high-performance athletes, we also invest in social projects that transform educational sports into a tool for development and social inclusion and have a transformative impact.

We understand that the commitment to sports and communities contribute to making them increasingly stronger and more relevant to Brazilian society. Together we form one single team.

We receive sports project proposals through our own platform:

Energy that turns dedication into achievement 

We have been sponsors of Brazilian Olympic sports since 2011, but we have always had the energy to go further. In 2015, we founded Petrobras Team, a project that develops skills and opportunities by sponsoring the training of high-performance athletes in Olympic and Paralympic sports.
Background image with athlete wearing the "Team Petrobras" shirt

We are driven by challenges, by overcoming, and by conquering

Man in a Petrobras Team shirt with a determined expression.

Thiego Marques

Woman showing her palms, smiling in a Petrobras Team shirt.

Flavia Saraiva

Man with swim cap and goggles, wearing a shirt with

Guilherme Caribé

Woman in a wheelchair, wearing a shirt with

Raissa Rocha Machado

Man holding a volleyball, wearing a shirt with

George Wanderley

Man with boxing gloves, wearing a Petrobras Team shirt.

Keno Marley

Woman wearing a shirt with

Milena Titoneli

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