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Petrobras RARE : technology present in everyday products

Around here, even our aromatic residues become raw materials for the creation of new products. Know Petrobras RARO.
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Picture of a tire in front of several others, on shelves, showing one of the derivates of Petrobras RARO.

We use aromatic residues to take you far and create products close to you

We are present in various industry processes and present in various products in your daily life. Aromatic residues — or RARO — are used as an industrial raw material to obtain carbon blacks, used in the composition of the most varied products in the plastics, tires, rubber artifacts, and paints industries that are present in most of the products we use on a daily basis.
Petrobras RARO was developed with technology and quality from the heaviest fractions originating from the Catalytic Cracking Units (UFCC). Therefore, it presents:
  • High content of aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • High carbon/hydrogen ratio.
  • High density.
The solution specifications can also be adjusted, upon request, to meet the specific needs of customers.

Main applications

Petrobras RARO is the raw material of the carbon blacks, produced at our customers from the incomplete combustion of aromatic fillers. Normally, they have a carbon content above 95% and contain minimal amounts of nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Carbon blacks are agglomerates of elemental carbon with the consistency of an impalpable powder, with different morphologies (particle size, structure, porosity, and physical form) and chemical treatments, offering the correct performance for each application.

They have a high pigmenting power, high purity, and low moisture content, which ensures black color, provides resistance to ultraviolet rays, and increases the mechanical strength of materials. See some uses of carbon black:

Plastics and rubber artifact industries

It is the pigment that guarantees the dominant black color in most products. It avoids deformation (malleability) and reduces the weight of materials that need to be submitted to great and/or continuous efforts.

Tire industry

Here, the balance between durability and grip are the design vectors. For that purpose, carbon blacks ensure resistance to abrasion for the tread — the part that is in contact with the ground — and resistance to bending for the carcass.

Production of graphic, industrial, and automotive paints

It is used to obtain intense black and to dye other colors, providing appropriate viscosity, pigmentation, brightness, undertone, and covering power according to the application. 

SAC Petrobras

Para estas ou outras informações, você pode utilizar ainda o Serviço de Atendimento ao Cliente:

See how Petrobras can meet your company's needs

For exclusive content and to learn more about other products, visit Petrobras Technical Assistance.

Besides  Petrobras RARO, we develop and sell several other high quality products to meet the demands of society and Brazilian industries. Know all of them.

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