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Gasoline: the fuel that is part of your mobility

Used in cars and motorcycles traveling on roads, gasoline is the fuel most used and best known by Brazilians. Learn all about it here.
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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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Photo of highways full of cars, in front of a city, representing the use of Petrobras Gasoline.

We are part of your everyday mobility

Automotive gasolines are the fuels most present in the daily lives of Brazilians, used in light vehicles and motorcycles for private use and for transporting passengers and cargo.

Petrobras Gasolines are developed with technology and quality that meet the strict requirements of the most modern vehicle technologies available, providing adequate performance for different types of engines, always considering the best energy efficiency and determined limits of atmospheric emissions.

We produce gasoline A (free of ethanol) in our refineries. The distributors, in turn, add anhydrous ethanol to gasoline A (according to the current content in the legislation), which is now called gasoline C, making it available at gas stations.

Petrobras Gasoline

It is gasoline that meets the most modern technologies of combustion systems and treatment of vehicle emissions, which provide greater energy efficiency and less environmental impact, present in the vast majority of engines in circulation.
Note: Values reached after the addition of ethanol.

Petrobras Premium Gasoline

It is gasoline with an octane rating for engines with special performance requirements and a high compression ratio, promoting better use of the projected power. However, any vehicle can enjoy, even if partially, the benefits of Petrobras Premium Gasoline.

Note: Values reached after the addition of ethanol.

To learn which gasoline is the most suitable for your engine, you should always consult the vehicle manual.

Learn more about the features of Petrobras Gasolines

What is octane rating in Gasoline?

Octane rating measures the gasoline's ability to resist detonation, which is an undesirable self-ignition of fuel in the combustion chamber, also known as "spark knock", which can damage the engine. Optimum power and performance are always obtained from fuels with an octane rating compatible with the engine design, contributing to the protection and maintenance of engine performance throughout its useful life.

What is specific mass?

Also known as density, it expresses the mass of the fuel per unit volume and is required by Brazilian regulations since 2020. The proper density of Petrobras Gasolines contributes to greater energy efficiency of the engine, reducing fuel consumption.

What is the advantage of low sulfur gasoline?

Petrobras Gasolines have low sulfur content (50 mg/kg max), which allows the use of more advanced technologies to reduce polluting gas emissions, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons, resulting in a smaller impact on air quality .

Where does gasoline come from?

Before arriving at the fuel stations, our gasoline undergoes a long journey — which begins at a depth of thousands of meters!

Answer your questions about Gasoline

What is the octane rating of Petrobras Gasoline?

The minimum octane rating of traditional Petrobras Gasoline is RON 93. In addition to that, we also offer the Petrobras Premium Gasoline, with a minimum octane rating of RON 100 to serve engines with special performance requirements and high compression ratio.

How is the price of Petrobras Gasoline set?

The price of gasoline is defined based on several factors, such as: state and federal taxes, production costs and remuneration of distributors and resellers. You can check these values and other information at

What are the advantages of Petrobras Gasolines?

Among the main advantages of Petrobras Gasolines, are: greater energy efficiency and lower sulfur content. In practice, vehicles will consume less fuel and generate less impact on air quality.

Check out how Petrobras can meet your company's needs

This product meets the specifications of the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP), suitable for the Brazilian market, with different equivalents for other countries.

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