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Petrobras USA

Lear more about our operations in the United States  of America

Our technology in the world

Our technology, developed for deepwater and ultradeep water applications, has gained worldwide recognition with our American offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico

Currently, in the United States, we have a partnership with Murphy Oil and have Trading activities, marketing oil and other products.


In everything we do, from business management to producing from the ultra deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, we seek to be a reference in social and environmental responsibility.

We incorporated into our business the principles set forth by the UN's Global Compact on human rights, work relations, on the environment, transparency, and on fighting corruption. In our daily activities, we have proven that it is possible to blend profitability with respect for people and for the environment.

Safety, the environment, and health are inseparable parts of our work system. Our business performance is aligned with the efficient use of energy and the concept of sustainable development, involving employees, communities in areas that neighbor our activities, and society at large.

See here some of Petrobras' Governance Instruments:


Our company, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, operates on an integrated basis and specializes in the oil, natural gas and energy industry.

Petrobras is recognized internationally for its technological innovations and success in ultra-deep water production.

It also has an extensive background in oil refining. Petrobras Research Center is the biggest in Latin America, and is in constant growth.

Petrobras and You

We search for talented men and women from various backgrounds. The diverse group of people in our Houston office work in trading. Our corporate staff supports these activities, and includes professionals in accounting and finance, and information technology.

Each open position is carefully filled because we want our employees to enjoy a long career with us, meeting their goals as they help us meet ours.

Equal Opportunity Employers

Petrobras America is an equal opportunity employer that complies with the laws and regulations set forth in the following notice:

Equal Employment Opportunity Is The Law.

Recruitment fraud warning

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated fraud involving the offer of fictitious job opportunities.

Recent incidents have occurred involving organizations or individuals falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of Petrobras and/or its affiliated companies. These fraudulent situations have included job offers that required individuals to send money to pay for processing fees, visa applications, etc. Please be aware that these communications are not from Petrobras and that Petrobras does not and will never request money or payments at any stage of our recruitment process.

We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited offers of employment from people who claim to work for, or be affiliated with, Petrobras. If you believe you have received a fraudulent communication, we advise you to send a message to, contact your local police immediately and provide them with all information you may have from the senders (email addresses, phone/fax numbers, etc.).​​​​​​​

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