We are a publicly-held company operating on an integrated basis and specializing in the oil, natural gas and energy industry.

We are present in the exploration and production, refining, marketing, transportation, petrochemicals, oil product distribution, natural gas, electricity, chemical-gas and biofuel segments.







  • Investments

    US$ 27.4 billion

    Net Revenue

    R$ 302.2 billion

    Net Profit

    R$ 40.1 billion


    More than 500.000

    Number of Employees


  • Daily Output

    2.77 million barrels of
    oil equivalent a day

    Production Wells
    6,587 (oil and gas)

    Proved Reserves

    9.59 billion barrels
    of oil equivalent (boe)2

    Production Platforms


  • Refineries


    Oil product production

    1,873,000 barrels per day

  • Vessel Fleet

    128 owned and chartered


    7,719 km of oil pipelines and 9,190 km of gas pipelines

  • Biofuels

    5 biodiesel plants 

    Thermoelectric Plants

    20 operated plants

    Wind Energy

    Joint Ventures in 4 plants

    Solar Energy
    1 photovoltaic solar power plant


4T2019 Results / Last update: April 2020
2  SEC criterion