Climate change and transitioning to low carbon

We are facing a global challenge: Reconciling the expansion of access to energy, energy security, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions within the necessary deadlines and with acceptable costs for society.

Considering climate change in our planning and decisions is an ethical requirement, included in our safety, environment and health, and social responsibility policies. It is also a business need, so that we remain competitive and profitable in an environment of transition to a low carbon economy.

We have published six commitments related to the transition to low carbon, included in Petrobras’ 10 Sustainability Commitments, which involve acting on existing assets and designing new projects with a goal of zero emissions growth until 2025.

We reaffirm our commitment to contribute to the development of society, providing the energy that sets it in motion, while promoting the decarbonization of our operations, reducing the carbon intensity of our emissions.

Get to know our Climate Change Supplement, in which we talk about the future vision of energy, our strategies, how we manage our business emissions, and how we have prepared our processes to mitigate risks and take advantage of transition opportunities, also considering a few of the impacts of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.