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Potiguar Clara Camarão Refinery: Operations | Petrobras

Potiguar Clara Camarão

Unidade de Diesel / Querosene de Aviação (QAV): U270 / U280
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General Information

Located at Petrobras' Industrial Hub of Guamaré, the Potiguar Clara Camarão Refinery produces diesel fuel, petrochemical naphtha, jet fuel and, since September 2010, automotive gasoline, which has made of Rio Grande do Norte the only state in Brazil that is self-sufficient in the production of all types of oil products.

Location: Potiguar Clara Camarão Refinery (RPCC)
Rodovia RN 221, KM 25 - Guamaré - RN
CEP: 59598-000.

Phone: (84) 3235-4483 / 5230

Terminals it is connected to

Transpetro, Petrobras Distribuidora.

Brief background:

On October 1, 2009, with the adjustments made to the existing facilities at the Guamaré Hub, in Rio Grande do Norte, the site went on to include the Potiguar Clara Camarão Refinery, the first refinery in Brazil named after a woman, a tribute to the Brazilian Indian who married Poti, the chief of the Potiguares tribe and, at his side, adopted the Camarão (Shrimp) surname, the exact translation of the name Poti. Born in the early 17th century, Clara Camarão became a heroine for leading a group of native women against Dutch colonization in a battle in Porto Calvo, Alagoas, in the year 1637.

As is the case of all of our refineries, Clara Camarão can refine both heavy oil, coming from the Campos Basin, and light oil from the pre-salt area. However, in this first phase, the oil to be processed by the refinery will be produced in Rio Grande do Norte.


The refinery has:
- Two atmospheric distillation units: U-260 and U-270 (diesel and jet fuel);
- A caustic regeneration treatment unit, the U-280;
- A gasoline production unit - UGG - U-280-A;

Installed capacity:

6,000 m³/day

Main products:

Diesel, Gasoline and Jet Fuel

Markets it serves:

Rio Grande do Norte and southern Ceará.