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Products: Get to know the Solutions for You or Your Business - Petrobras


Whether on roads, rails, on the sea or in the sky, our technology will be there with you, with high-quality, reliable products. Get to know the best solutions we offer you or your business.


The fuel your vehicle uses is the outcome of a lot of research. Therefore, we monitor our products' performance continuously at the service stations. The Eye on the Fuel program is the assurance that the quality that comes out of the lab reaches your car.


Our energy is present in Brazilian households, bringing comfort to peoples' lives. Get to know our products.


We develop products for the Brazilian industry with world-renowned quality and technology. Get to know our line of industrial products.


We are actively present in agribusiness providing products that ensure high performance productivity in the field.


Our products' tradition and quality ride on the Brazilian tracks too. Click here to learn more.


Our brand also propels boats and vessels. We supply our line of maritime products all along the Brazilian coast, with associated guarantees and services.


Lubrax Aviation Products comply with the best international practices, taking our quality to skies worldwide.